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finally i found the way to reset pioneer avic-s1

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hi, avic-s1 pda


i try to restore my avic-s1 by the way of two files fron sd/mmc but it didn't work with me so i got the perfct way to restore your avic-s1 and bring it to life


1st. - download the utorrent program to download the dvd of avic-s1



2nd.- download the [ avic-s1 dvd ] from utorrent from the attachment files


3th.- download the file named winceimg.bin



4th.- download the folder [ dnw5.oe.rar ] from the attachment files


5th.- follow the procedure:


Connect the dead avic-s1 to PC


1.put the Button of the PDA in ON position


2. press and hold the power button


3.choose “0=WINCE Upgrade”


4.choose “0=WINCE by USB”


5.intall the usb driver (PC require the drivers).The driver in the folder “USB driver”


6.open the software “dnw5.0e”


7.(if you want to make a test of connection USB, click the” USB port/Statute”.


If all is ok go to step 9


8.click configuration ---> option and write the download address as it apper in your screen [downadd = 32A00000 ]for ex


9.click “USB port/transmitted” and to show the way of the file “winceimg.bin”


10.press the reset button to restart the avic-s1


11.setup the softwear [the oreginal dvd]



torrentdownloads net AVIC-S1 DVD.rar

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