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New IR receiver for AVIC (Adds wireless remote control!!!)

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I am having probles with this IR receiver. I hooked it all up, but when it is plugged in it will just cycle through the presets continuously. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how do you fix it? Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks

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So has anyone had any luck with this for a AVIC-F90BT? If so does the voice activatione work? it does not list this model as one that doesnt work with the voice activation is why I ask.


Compatibility Notes

1. The voice recognition command via wireless remote is not supported on the following models: AVIC-F700BT, AVIC-F900BT, AVIC-U310BT, AVIC-X710BT, and AVIC-X910BT.

2. PAC recommends the use of the Pioneer CD-R510 or CXC9115 remote for maximum compatibility with the WRI-P. Other Pioneer remotes may work, but some functions / buttons may not be supported.


Also how hard and long of an install process is it?

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Your asking the very question that this post is all about. There are also stickied topics that address your question directly.

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