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avic f90bt problems...need help

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i got a problem with my 90bt. i have found other threads on here with a possible fix. only problem is i need a working version of test mode. or some help on how to use or get test mode working. i downloaded off the link in the hacks forum a version of test mode, when trying to install on the 90bt i get to the screen that looks like windows desk top but the only problem is the green ok button does not work. the unit seems to be frozen. i also found through the search test mode v2.3 but i cant seem to get that to work either. green button is in the middle of the screen, and the ok button doesnt work.


help on how to use test mode would be great. This is my second 90bt unit, first one time bombed with the same problem a few months after i had it. Its the notorious constant reset problem. i called pioneer about it and they told me to update the firmaware on the unit. When i updated to v2.0006 the update stopped about 30 % through with a "error unable to copy files", and made the problem worse. i tried many times to restart the update with no success. after 1000 tries i finally got firmware 2.0 back on the unit, but now it boots but after the pioneer logo the screen goes blank.


i have been searching through the forums for a week now and cant seem to find any good info on test mode. my 90bt unit is not hacked, still virgin.


Any help would be appreciated, trying to avoid sending to pioneer.


thanks in advance

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