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Help to attach either a USB or Iphone to Pioneer FH P4000

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Hi Guys,


This is my 1st post here. Sorry if i am posting to wrong section.


I have Pioneer FH p4000 CD player in my wagon. I dont think it has an aux in output or something where i can attach it to a usb thumb drive or an iphone. Is there anyways to bypass the system or add a port for usb or wire for Iphone??


Basically i just wanna get rid of bunch of CDs... i have large collection of songs.. and i dont want to burn so many cds.. for the songs.. all i am planning is to make it attached to my iphone 2g or either make a port for USB to play songs.. which will be lot easier for me.


Can anyone tell me how to do that? I hope if there is a way for it. I dont mind by completely bypassing my system if i can connect it to iphone or pen drive...



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Here is a solution to the problem that if the FHP400 having the USB port than you can easily connect the USB directly or your iphone with the cable and can easily carried out as per your wish.

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