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Are all aftermarket speaker terminals the same?

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I ordered some interior speakers for my car and am in the process of ordering all my speaker wire, interconnects, etc.


Are all speaker terminals the same for aftermarket speakers? I'd like to buy some nice crimp-on/solder-on speaker terminals for the nice wire I got, but won't have the speakers in my hands for another week or two.


Am I safe buying whateveer spade terminals?



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Soldering the wires directly to the speaker terminals would obviously yield the most trustworthy connection.... but be a PITA if you ever decide to uninstall them/sell them. If you're going to do this, use a leaded rosin-core solder with a real thin diameter so it starts flowing at a relatively low temp. Using a lead-free thick solder is going to force you to use quite a bit more heat to get the solder flowing. All that heat will probably start damaging the speaker terminal (melting the rivet used to hold it on, melting the cardboard material it's all attached to, etc)

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