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Deciding Between z120 and x920

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I just bought a new car, and I'm looking to get another AVIC. Im torn between the Z120 and the X920. I know that the 120 is the top of the line Avic money can buy right now, but the price gap between the 2 is what's making me unable to decide. Should I spend the Extra Money for the 120, or save Money and get the 920. My question is for Z120 owners and Z110 upgraded owners, Aside from the larger screen and the Motorized Flip out, is there really anything else the Z120 has to offer over the X920? I had the F90BT since its release up until last week and didn't mind the smaller staionary screen. Thanks in advance! -CMIYC

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Z120BT has much better preouts than the X920BT (4v versus 2v). This will make a large difference if you are hooking up aftermarket amps to this HU. Also, the Z120BT has dual zone capabilities while the X920BT does not. The last one difference that my installer told me about was the x920BT does not have 3d building representation unlike the Z120BT which does. He told me he actually had a customer swap out the 920 for the 120 because of this so it might be a big deal for you. I personally love that and it is a real attention grabber for anyone riding with you in the car (if that matters). I don't think there are any other diffs but wanted you to know there are most definitely some differences between the units and to some people they could be huge (deal breakers for some). Either way I think they are both fine units just for different reasons.

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