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Need help with AVIC-S1

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I inhereted a AVIC-S1 mostly because its a piece of junk and the inlaws couldn't figure it out so they bought a Garmin. I am trying to get the navngoigo8 working. I got it loaded but it only has a UK map. I downloaded the North America maps but they are a pak file not an fbl file so they are not recognized.


What am I doing wrong ?


I aso tried miomap but it won't load


I've spent a whole day on it and I need help before I smash it just out of spite :cry:

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So I bought the nav n go setup from alizee and it did work but at the time he promised me the next map update. Now that the next update is out he no longer answers my email even though he promised an update. Don't deal with him he lied to me.


If anyone now where to get the latest map updates I'd appreciate it.

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