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Solution To VR Catalog Issues With X920BT

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A few of us on the forums have experienced an issue where the X920BT can take up to 40 mins to do a full VR catalog and subsequent catalogs take about the same time. While testing possible solutions for this, I came up with something that worked. I shared this in another thread and another forum member with the same issues found this to work for them. There are a few things we still need to test and work out to see if we are going overboard, but here is the info for those who have been experiencing this same issue.


My HW:

- iPhone 3GS 32GB (OS 3.1.3)

- X920BT with Pioneer iPod Cable

- # of Songs: 4391

- # of Podcasts: 2



It originally took my X920BT over 40 mins to do a full VR catalog from the connection of the phone to the completion of the catalog. Additionally subsequent connections where no data changed on the iPhone would also take 40+ mins as if the initial catalog had failed.



Make sure that before the initial VR catalog is done and before you connect your iPhone that the devices is on and unlocked (Swipe to Unlock has been swiped) and make sure your iPod app is running (no music has to be playing, just the app up and running). Also make sure that VR Cataloging is set to on within the Z settings. Next connect to the iPhone to the X920BT and let it do an initial catalog. For me that took about 15 mins for 4391 songs.


For subsequent times when connecting to your Z, just make sure the iPhone is unlocked before connecting. For me this made subsequent VR cataloging runs near instant.


Yet to Test:

We need to test whether you truly need to have the iPod app running the first time or subsequent times. This issue may be fixed by the fact that the iPhone is on when you connect it. I will be testing this in the next day and will report back. I will also test the best procedure to follow after adding media to your iPhone after the initial run has been completed. If everything tests out, there will be no need to disable VR as it will be very quick.





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