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I know its not the OEM Navigation forum but, since there are lot of tech guys around I thought why not to ask then a question!!


my Prius has OEM DVD based navigation system, the maps are old and new DVD does cost lot of money... does any one know if I can download latest RIP from somewhere and burn a disk and use it?? will it work... or DVD based navi. system also has the exclusive license for the car or something like....


Thanks for your help!

and again sorry for posting it in wrong forum!! come on tech guys!!

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Wrong forum, wrong board, and wrong question. Pretty sure the mods here would delete any links to an .iso assuming there was one.


Is it possible, with some OEM systems that take updates via DVD, to find a disk image online and use it? Yes. Is anyone going to be able to tell you here? No. You can try the car-specific forums for your vehicle, Google around, there's bound to be 1 or 2.


In the end though I think you are wasting your time. Just trying to find it can be a big risk if you don't know what you are doing, because if you just Google for a nav disk for your vehicle you'll probably find dozens of pirate sites, every one of which is going to be laden with spyware or worse. Or they are going to want you to pay them. Most likely, both. Even if you do find a legit update there's no guarantee it will work - some units are tricky to use with burned disks, for example. Or it'll need another version previous to the one you found before you can upgrade, and on and on. Every unit is different.


I know the disks are expensive but for Pete's sake, you already bought a car with OEM Nav which means you overpaid in the first place. Now is not the time to be cheap. Just man up and buy the legit disk if you want the updates that bad.

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