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  1. AVIC HD1BT Leads?

    Probably because no one has any idea here, ya think? Contact Pioneer directly. Yes it can be a long wait.
  2. Avic X940BT on Pioneer's site

    No one can know for sure, and we won't until the updates actually come out. If Pioneer's update history for these units is anything to go by, I wouldn't get too excited about it.
  3. USB Thumb Drive vs Micro SD

    Good question; I use a 2gb myself. I only have the thing for updates. Technically I think you can store media on it and play it that way but it's not terrible useful. The only decent media interface is the one built for the iDevices.
  4. USB Thumb Drive vs Micro SD

    Updates can only be done via the MicroSD card.
  5. X920BT Pandora link question.

    For what it's worth, there is a recently formed Car Connectivity Consortium that has as one of it's goals to set standards for interaction between vehicle systems and devices like Android Phones, iPhones, iPads, Windows Phone, etc, etc. Like most such endeavors it will probably take years to be fully realized and not meet all every "wouldn't it be great if" ideas, however it's better than nothing. However, one company is not on that list. Can you guess which one? Pioneer. The reason you see so many of these HU's support full iPhone integration, with coming support for apps, etc, is because of one thing: A single, well documented, standardized docking connector. Apple has rolled it out across their product line and published specs on exactly what it can and cannot do. No such specification exists for Android - if an Android device even has a dock (very few do) it's proprietary and exists primarily as a way to force you to buy that particular manufacturers charging cable. This is a situation that is unlikely to change any time soon. The situation is pretty much the same for Nokia, Microsoft, and others in the phone software business - only Apple controls their entire software and hardware design, specifications, and supply chain. Thus, with Android, et all, there is a problem - how do you communicate information to/from the phone beyond audio? Sure, they have USB (most of them), and by golly you can do all sorts of things with usb on a PC...but it's not the same. At all. The software on the phone has to allow different types of communication over the interface, and publish those standards, and then the receiver side has to understand them. If each manufacture picks their own particular way of doing it, then you end up with only certain models/versions of phones working with certain model/versions of HU. The same situation exists for Bluetooth connections. This is one of the primary problems, by the way, that the CCC linked above wants to solve. Sony may have figured out how to get basic on-screen Pandora support working over BT, but I bet it wasn't easy, and I am certain it's proprietary to Sony. The plain, hard fact is we are two or more years away from seeing widespread support for "Smart Phone" integration that doesn't involve Apple.
  6. What will 930 do that 920 doesnt?

    VBlue42 is alright. He's on here every day and probably gets tired of the exact same questions being asked over and over again, in new threads. Differences with the x930BT: As it's not out yet, the only hard evidence anyone has is from Pioneers product page and the CES show where it was shown. Any and all information about the unit is coming from one of those two sources, and has already been repeated here - several times . I mean, look at the first page of this forum alone: x920bt -> x930bt software update Transferring Voice Commands to X930BT? AVIC-X920BT now + upgrade or wait for AVIC-X930BT? i think i got an x930bt where can i get info on it Changes/fixes on X930 Pioneer has updated its NAV Unit Page - Z130BT & X930BT All asking variations on the same questions that currently have the same answers, or asking questions that no one could possibly have answers to yet since the unit isn't available. Going solely by information provided by Pioneer (i.e. not speculation or friend of a friend rumors) the following are the known differences: It has a volume button. It has a partially detachable face - we're not really sure exactly what that means. No VR support. Pioneer has announced there will be a software update that brings the software-level features (like App mode, new maps, etc) of the x930bt to the x920bt. They have also confirmed that said update will not disable VR support on x920bt units. No other information on this update has been announced, however, if we go by the way last year's worked, it will come out a month or two after the x930bt is commercially available, and cost $150+ or so. It will include the OS update and 2011 maps. Nothing else other than what you read on Pioneers site is known. The base hardware appears the same in terms of pre-out voltage, processor, flash memory size, etc. This is not an official Pioneer forum, it is an enthusiast forum. When actual, hard facts are released, rest assured someone will post them here within minutes. If they are not, it's because no one knows yet.
  7. X920BT Firmware Update...Anyone done it yet?

    I have the bypass and the update had no affect on it. Also I highly recommend doing the update, while it doesn't magically fix every annoyance this unit has it does have some pretty major ones. VR alone is almost (except for the voice) passable now.
  8. Having to put the city in every time bugs me too. Especially with VR, because I live in Austin, and without fail it will ask me if I really meant "Boston" or "Malin" (despite the fact that my state is set to Texas. Boston? Really?). There's no way to inturrupt the VR while it's going through it's spiel either so every single time I set a destination by voice I get to go through the whole charade. After a while it gets really irritating. Really, their entire Nav is in need of an overhaul. It's terrible when stacked against a lot of the competition, but about a dozen little tweaks or fixes would change that. Not even major stuff, just things like the OP already outlined.
  9. Request for opinions: Z120BT vs. X920BT

    The better option would be not to buy any of these units at all, no matter what the brand I'm serious. First, get one of the newer, larger Android phones - The Sprint Evo, The Verizon Droid X, etc - one of the ones with the 4.3 inch hi-res screen. Or the new iPhone with it's slightly smaller screen, whatever, all that matters is you get something that has an interface you like and can work with. Then get a nice car adapter dock for it - ProClips sells the best ones, I think, though they can run you $80 for the phone dock + attachment. They look really nice though, and the docks allow you to permanently hide the usb cable (for charging, or music) so you get a nice clean look and you just pop your phone in. Once you've done that? Forgo a DVD/Nav/etc double din unit entirely. Buy a nice single-din Eclipse or Kenwood or Alpine or something, one that accepts USB/Bluetooth audio streaming. Focus on sound quality because it really doesn't matter about the display on it since you'll: Use the display on the phone for everything. Seriously. The new Droid X, etc screens, are, when turned sideways (which the ProClip mount allows you do do, easily) not all that much smaller than the 6.1 inch screen of the 920bt. I mean, yeah, sure it's a almost a couple inches smaller, but the point is it's big enough to do what you need it to, which is control your music right from the phone, nicely. Or anything else you want, like Navigation - I don't know if you've seen the (free) Google turn by turn Navigation on these new phones, but it's miles above the Navteq crap the current crop of Pioneers use. Or you can get TomTom/Garmin for them if that's your thing. That's how I'd do it if I could go back and do it over. My wife just got a Droid X and when she's in the car we just use that and stream audio over bluetooth, it's a much nicer interface. Pandora support, Last.fm even, whatever you want. I know it sounds crazy because the point of the Z120Bt/920Bt/etc is to "integrate" everything but I've come to realize that you give up a lot just to get a little bigger screen built in to your dash, one that every thief in your neighborhood is going to target at some point. These new phones with their app support and now the bigger, higher resolution screens are better in every way. If you worry about looks or having cables hanging around then just get a ProClips dock and call it done. What does a bigger screen get you anyway with the in dash units like the x920bt? Easier to see the nav maps? Great, I get a nice large picture of a perfectly buggered Navigation system. I'd rather go down a step in size to get a better system that has awesome POI support, customizable voices and voice control, built in (free) traffic reports that are better than the crappy MSN Direct reports that you actually have to pay for, etc etc. What else is the larger screen good for, music playback? The Droid X player shows everything you need to see in nice large text and the controls are actually bigger on it's smaller screen than the ones on the Pioneer. DVD playback? Please. First, how much are you (or should you) going to watch movies in the front seat of your car, while driving, which by the way is against the law in the US? Enough that you really are going to say "you know, this 4.3 inch screen is too small, 7 inches is just the ticket?" No. You want DVD playback in the back, get a DVD player for back there, you don't want to control that crap from the front seat anyway. Your kids will figure out the play and pause buttons soon enough. As you can probably guess I am not a fan of this, my first, and last, double-din in dash Nav/DVD/iPod unit, the x920bt. Last week I got so sick of MusicSphere - a truly terrible application considering what it is supposed to do - that I just switched control of my iPhone from the x920BT to the iPhone itself. It's mounted in my own ProClip dock and you know what? I prefer controlling it from the phone, smaller screen or not. And I get my Genius list support, which is what MusicSphere tried to be and failed at, *hard*. And I can use the actual Pandora app and not the crappy PandoraLink mess which bugs out on me at least a third of the time I try to use it. That's my suggestion - get a good car stereo without all the frills and let the new generation of Smartphones be your controller. By a good car dock like Proclips, mount it to where you can easily reach it - chances are it'll end up closer to you than the in-dash unit - and enjoy. Smaller screen or not it's the better alternative. There's also the iPad, which could be a truly awesome alternative (ProClips even makes a car dock for it!) but currently is a bit limited as far as it's dock and GPS capabilities. I expect as that device matures in terms of hardware and software it will become a *very* popular Car accessory.
  10. iPhone 4 Dock Solution: spec dock, specdock

    I've used Proclips for years and agree, expensive but you get what you pay for. My iPhone is my camera otherwise I'd throw up some pics but basically I have the mount with the dock on the bottom, I ran my Pioneer cable up through a gap next to my glovebox so it hardly shows, it clips in to the bottom of the dock, the phone in the top, and all is right with the world. Holds it rock-steady too. I like the idea behind the Spec-dock since (if installed right) it's a "neater" looking solution however as you discovered the phone support is non-existent, in fact it's so bad I could see it damaging the dock connector on your phone on rough roads. Also you lose a cupholder with most of their setups.
  11. Request for opinions: Z120BT vs. X920BT

    You can get the 920BT a lot cheaper, I got mine for under $750 shipped from an authorized Pioneer dealer (Al-eds) and you can get it even cheaper than that now from dealers that are actually reputable. For the 120BT, even with discounts you are going to pay several hundred dollars more for what is really a small set of additional features, screen aside. The obvious one is the screen, and 7 inches really isn't that much more than 6.1. Personal choice really but I doubt you would look at the 6.1 screen and say "that's too small". Other differences: 4v preouts vs. 2.2 on the 920. Even 4v is kind of low for a serious audio system, and to be honest if you are looking at doing a serious audio system where preout voltage really matters you probably wouldn't buy either of these units anyway. Pioneers are not revered for their high-end sound quality. Motorized screen - the tilt may be useful to you if the unit is mounted low in your vehicles dash, it really depends on what you are driving. Extra A/V output. I don't know why anyone would care about this but it's there. If you're gonna run two or more video displays in the back, such as for headrest screens, you're better off getting ones with their own little DVD players in them since I've yet to see a pair of kids in the back seat who can agree on the same video 3D landmarks. Yawn. If you live around a city that has them mapped out maybe they'd be handy but honestly, what I've seen of this feature makes it a gimmick at best. Split-screen nav. Now this one annoys me, because I own a 920bt and there is absolutely no reason they should have disabled this feature. It makes an already marginal Nav experience worse. Then again, if you are buying either one of these for the Nav you are buying it for the wrong reasons, get one of the newer Kenwoods instead. Or a dedicated unit. Both of these units are good for one thing: Optimum experience playing music off an iPod or an iPhone, preferably an iPhone since you can use Pandora with it, and Pandora is one of the better features of this unit. If you don't own a music player made by Apple I don't know why you would buy either one of these, there are better options available. If you primarily listen to music and watch movies off your iPhone and you are in an area with decent coverage so Pandora works well than both of these are among the best I've seen, though they definitely have their quirks. Looking at them in that light, they are both exactly the same in which case you should just buy the cheaper one.
  12. X920BT Screen Protector?

    Invisible shield makes generic kits that are basically large sheets you cut to fit. Bet it's a pain in the rear to install though, they are hard enough even with a kit that is pre-cut to the device you are putting it on. Why do you think you need one? The touch screen on this is already squirrely enough without an added layer of plastic on top of it. It's already got an anti-scratch coating of sorts on it too so I have to wonder what the heck is going on inside your vehicle where you think this is needed
  13. Rear View Camera

    How lazy is this? It's not like that they didn't come across a 12v ACC power line when they installed the thing. Hell they could have just tapped it right off a fuse in the fuse panel like people with Radar detectors have been doing for decades.
  14. Lame. Super lame. You think that's a victimless crime? That it just affects Best Buy and they are so big it doesn't matter? Wrong. Stupid shit like that hurts all of us. Stop giving moronic advice. If you have enough cash for an iPhone and an aftermarket stereo for your ride you have enough to afford the right cable without resorting to cheap tricks that in the end just makes it harder for those of us who are on the right side of the law.
  15. New X920BT owner -- mute microphone / hiss

    What are you talking about, hiss? I installed my x920BT myself, with new amp, speakers, etc and there's no hiss at all.