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  1. 2013 USA/CAN Maps Download

    Mate, thank you. Did the 2013 maps update to my Z110BT (which is now a ... I have no ideaBT, hah!). I lost my nag screen hack, but following this: "At offset BEBFC, change 05 00 00 0A -> 00 00 A0 E1" Worked perfectly. Nag screen gone, and I'll stick at 5.0 since your experience with 5.1 was less than great, and I have a 160GB iPod Classic I'd rather keep working! Thanks again!
  2. Yes that doesn't work unless you do the bypass. It's by design (and not very intelligent).
  3. gps location slightly behind real location

    Completely agreed. I complained about this on my F700BT, and now also on my Z130BT. Pioneer have dropped the ball horribly in this regard. My iPhone 4S with Tom Tom software outperforms the Z130 handily, and that's just a $50 piece of software and a tiny phone with a tiny GPS antenna, compared to my huge, beefy, in-car nav. Ridiculous. This will be the last Pioneer I buy.
  4. Cannot believe Pioneer haven't addressed this issue....
  5. I assume nobody has any info on how to fix this, yet? Or maybe I'm the only one having this issue? Maybe the Z130BT is better? (doubtful...)
  6. How about an iPod screen where you can hide the annoying list of sources on the left? It's also pretty sad that long track names can be displayed on the Navi screen pretty easily, but the text is too big on the actual music/sources screen and doesn't fit. How about the navi remembering that I've brought up the music bar on the navi screen at the bottom? Every time I start my car I have to touch that bar to see the artist/track name. Really annoying! Heck, here's the thread I made on the Z120BT and its annoyances. I'd appreciate any of those being fixed. But we all know they won't... http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/28897-pioneer-seriously-needs-to-hire-some-usability-people/page__p__213751#entry213751 and... http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/28799-there-a-way-to-have-earlier-turn-notifications-navigation/page__p__212994#entry212994 That last one is a COMPLETE pain in the butt. I apologize if I sound rant-y, but I paid a FORTUNE for my Z120BT, and it completely annoys me every single day.
  7. Feel free to read about it here: http://www.engadget.com/2011/01/05/pioneer-announces-aha-radio-partnership-plans-for-app-dominatio/ All I can say is the navigation interface still looks like it sucks, EXACTLY like on the Z110BT/Z120BT, and I'll never be buying another Pioneer in-dash unit after having to deal with the step backwards my Z120BT is even from my F700BT in terms of navigation. Pathetic. If I sound bitter, it's cause I am.
  8. This is still REALLY cheesing me off, even more now since today I finally turned on the navigation voice. Nothing more annoying than being told "Right Turn Ahead" when I'm already MAKING THE TURN! I'm beginning to really hate my Z120BT...
  9. iPhone 4 won't auto-connect to Z120BT?

    Like I said, if BT is on on my phone before I turn the car on, then the AVIC connects just fine. I just don't often remember to turn BT on on my phone until I'm driving along, and then it's a nuisance!
  10. Heya, If I have BT on on my iPhone 4 (iOS 4.1) and turn my car/Z120BT, the car auto-connects to the phone no issues. However, if I turn the car on BEFORE turning BT on on my iPhone, it doesn't work. To make it work in this case, I turn the car on and the Pioneer Z120BT loads, I then turn BT on on my iPhone, and then I have to go into the BT settings and tap the Pioneer NAVI to get it to connect. Is there a way to make it always connect automatically? I don't leave BT on on my iPhone, so it would be nice to be able to just have it connect when I turn BT on. I recall it worked fine before I upgraded to iOS 4.1...., but I can't be sure..
  11. Just causes me much difficulty downtown... *sigh* Oh well, moving on with life.
  12. Yeah it didn't help. I don't understand why I'm so much further ahead on the road than the navigation thinks I am. REALLY FRUSTRATING.
  13. Z110BT > Z120BT UPGRADE IS OUT!

    Isn't it Beta? as in not available for the general public????? Correct, but likely available to the public the 1st September when Apple gives their media event (new iPods etc). I expect we'll see 4.1 next week, or soon thereafter.
  14. Z110BT > Z120BT UPGRADE IS OUT!

    AVCRP is back with iOS 4.1, fyi. Talked about a lot on Macrumors, and here: http://www.tipb.com/2010/07/15/ios-41-f ... -controls/