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  1. I've had this head unit installed for over a year, by a professional. I had the same exact problem about year ago when i had to have some work done at the dealership. The cure they came up with was to disconnect the battery and touch the positive and negative leads together for about 5 seconds. They said something about some aftermarket head units having internal batteries you have to reset/drain after disconnecting the battery. I don't know, but i called them today to confirm this was the fix and it didn't work for me. More info: 1. After reconnecting the battery the head unit immediately powers up. whether there is a key in the ignition or not. Even with the doors locked. 2. If the car is running and i shut it completely off, take the key out, and open the door, the DOME LIGHT DOES come on. But the head unit remains on and would until my car battery died. 3. There is no sound or even door chimes. Open the door when in drive and the dome light does come on, and it says door open on DIC... but no sound. 4. I can't remember what harness i'm using but i did retain the onstar and chimes when i got the unit installed. Can't think of anything else. Can't figure it out... the 920bt doesn't even have much of a factory reset, even when i reconnect the battery my settings are still saved (i guess that's what the internal battery is for in the unit). As of now my positive and negative is disconnected so my battery isn't killed by the head unit. Like i said it worked fine for about 6 months, had the issue and it was fixed about year ago and now it's back. help
  2. First take from a new user X920bt

    Your opinion vs mine.
  3. First take from a new user X920bt

    I think it depends more on the competence level.
  4. What will 930 do that 920 doesnt?

    I'm here b/c i want to learn about my new unit and hear about news on the software update. Seriously, 6000 posts on a board that get's like 10 posts a day? Got your picture on your profile and everything? If you don't plan to buy another pioneer, you already know all the answers, and you dont support pioneer anymore then what's the point of adding to that grand total? It's not like you help anyone either. You seriously contribute nothing in 90% of the threads i read. Instead of pointing someone to a useful thread you reply with one sentence of rudeness. I could understand if you worked for the site but i dont get it. Maybe it's time to move on? Nice Civic.. got an awesome exhaust system on it too? lol
  5. What will 930 do that 920 doesnt?

    So if you claim you wont buy another pioneer unit... why exactly are you here?
  6. First take from a new user X920bt

    I have to say I can't disagree more with your post. I got my 920 installed yesterday and it works as advertised for me. The voice recognition has been flawless. I will admit it can be a bit slow but it's been totally functional for me. Playlists, artists, albums, genres, and the call features have been impressive. I only had an issue with the VR when my windows were down. Also look in the settings menu and make sure you have music set to mute when using VR so it doesn't interfere. Although that really didn't cause an issue for me. If I were you I'd check the mic placement. Mine is to the right of my visor near the rear view mirror. Oh yeah, and maybe the VR cataloging is interfering with your use of the VR. When the VR catalog for your ipod is updating it disables the use of VR. After the VR catalog finishes for your iPod go to the settings and turn off the VR catalog function. And when you add songs to your iPod you can let it catalog again but turn it off when you are done. It seems like the VR catalog process wants to occur each time you connect your iPod, even if you haven't added any music. Annoying but fixable. After about an hour of playing with it I felt totally comfortable with the entire unit and all it's functions. All without reading the manual. I think the iPod interface is awesome and works great. My only gripe is I wish there was a way to see all the songs from the album in which the song is playing. Link to album works but I wish I could see all the tracks easier from the play screen but it's not a big deal. I read your post initially before mine was installed and you had me all worried. I'm so glad that your experience is isolated.
  7. What will 930 do that 920 doesnt?

    Btw if you really are on here everyday I hope you get paid for it. If not you should find a board that's not dead.
  8. What will 930 do that 920 doesnt?

    As you can see from my previous post I did read the other threads. I guess I thought there was more info out there than what was already on the forum. someone could have easily said that there wasn't any more info as of now rather than being a jerk.
  9. What will 930 do that 920 doesnt?

    Yeah i read plenty of threads. Most of them contain you being a D-Bag. That and not a lot of info about the 930 besides the physical change to the buttons and the lack of VR.
  10. What will 930 do that 920 doesnt?

    Wow nobody knows?
  11. For all you SS owners... enjoy.
  12. Just got the 920 and after reading about the ability to upgrade the software I'm wondering what there will be to gain from updating to the 930 firmware? Not really seeing any new features... What am I missing? If anything it looks like it does less.. Yes I know I won't lose the VR by updating but please tell me a reason why I should update when it becomes available.
  13. Bypass breaks gyroscope?

    I was asking my installer today about the bypass for when i get my 920bt and he said he would do it but did not recommend it. He said that it interferes with the gyroscope and would eventually cause the system to fail. Has anyone heard of this? At first i thought it was rubbish but he said he would do it if i wanted and seemed to know what he was talking about. THoughts?
  14. Background on D2 With MAC

    I already made my .PIM background but how do i add it to the pim2dim folder? I used disc utility to make a disc image of my map disc but everytime i try to drop the .PIM in the iso folder it says it cannot be modified. How can i add the background and burn it?? Do i need to just open the disc and copy all the files to my HD and then add the pim? Then create a iso and burn?
  15. WVU Background...

    For D2.... Anyone got one?