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got my n2 refurb. not a n2 tho, n3 maybe? Bypass question!

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I bought a truck that had an avic N2.


Turned out the N2 was faulty. I rma'd the unit and brain to pioneer for a flat rate of 200$ repair.


Refurbished unit came back to me, lol, NOT my original.


I was ready to due the bypass, so i removed the warranty void sticker. Underneath, i was expecting to see the r197 - something or other, and was hoping to just drop a little solder between to close points, and be done with the job real quick.


What i saw (see--> pics) APPEARS??? to possibly be a board from a N3 - see pics and compare + correct my assumptions if they are wrong please.


I was also under the impression that the N3's have a small switch -- just move to the left and ground parking - DONE . i am confused what board i actually have here, N2 or N3, because there is no r197(N2), but the layout looks like the N3(but no switch)


It seems like there is two points that have [(factory) circuit tracing material] between them - almost connected -, but not quite.



Am i just supposed too finish the connection on both ends??


check out my pics and let me know your thoughts? Thanks


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