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AVIC-D3 & Steering Wheel Controls

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Hi, I was hoping I could get someone's advice here...


I have a an AVIC-D3 which is hooked up to my FJ Cruiser. The steering wheel controls (I'm not exactly sure, but I'm assuming its hooked up via a PAC SWI-PS) all work (except the mode button), but are a little laggy. The problem is when I need to use my headlights at night, the only control that works is the "decrease volume" button.


I didn't install the stereo myself as I bought my FJ used. Any idea why the increase volume and scan buttons would go out only when my headlights are on? Do you guys think its an underpower issue? Any suggestions?




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the LAG is normal, the newest versions are a little better but not perfect, as far as buttons stopping working while the headlights are on is so weird because there should be no link between the two, but if the headlights are changing the voltage in the car too much then that could affect the resistances the the swi is "seeing", i would try to reprogram the SWI both with the headlights off then on and see if that makes a difference, also make sure that the wires are soldered and not just taped up, since the system works by using different resistances through the same wire, you can run into problems when the copper starts to oxidize which the copper will start to do as soon as it touches air, and this layer of oxidation will add extra resistance to the connection causing the values that it was programmed at to change.

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