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Confirmed Working Mods On X910BT

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I hope this will help other that may have just gotten a X910BT and may not know what to do. I bought mine from some guy on amazon this week and I looked like it was messed with so I was greatful to find this site. I wanted to wipe everything from the unit and I downloaded a new firmware image from this forum(link below). I was suprised since the F90 are are different models but it worked. Then after I the update the bluetooth did not work I must say that I was pissed because I am sure this is why the guy sold it to me. Saving the day someone posted a bluetooth firmware update also(link below) and thanks again. I'm making this post hoping to help people with new units or possibly units that may have malfunctioned and don't know if the firmware from th F90 will work. Perhaps someone can sticky this post as a placeholder of confirmed worked stuff so far that I have tried and confirmed working. I plan on keeping backup copies of all this stuff just in case. Thank you all to those that made the original postings. :)



BLUETOOTH FIRMWARE: F Series Bluetooth Firmware

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