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99 rs

2005 Acura NSX Source Navigation Output

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I tried Googling this and it's surprising how little information there is on my issue.


I'm looking for a double DIN navigation system (any make really but I prefer Pioneer) that can output the navigation source to a "rear" monitor but still have A/V screens up front. The set-up I'm going to have in my car is like the first one pictured below. The "rear" monitor is the one in the Honda display pod and the actual source unit is below the climate controls. My ideal goal would be to have navigation in the top screen and have my XM screen on the main unit. That is all I want. It doesn't matter if the unit has DVD or other capabilities. I do not care about watching DVDs, iPod videos or anything like that. Also don't want a carPC. From my searching most source units only have RCA output but if it helps my monitor has VGA input as well. I would settle for having navigation on the source unit and XM on the top screen.


Is there any way I can do this with a modern double DIN navigation system?












...and some general shots for no reason.





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