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Can't modify setting on Avic-x930BT

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I was googling around for troubleshooting and I just found this forum. I have installed headunits before but this is my first Pioneer Navigation unit. I was able to successfully install and powerup my new avic but I have an odd issue after I turn it on. I can't modify any of the setting for the unit (like when I click on settings the boxes are all faded grey and I can't push them).


I can modify the top 2 on right (AV settings and another one I can't remember). However, the bluetooth settings, navigation settings, security settings, etc...) are all greyed out and not usable. Also, the ilumination color of the buttons keeps changing (it goes through a rotation of colors while it on).


I tried doing a reset (hitting the mode button and back track buttons) and I was able to get to the intial setup again when it tells me to select the language. However, all the languages selections are grey on that and I can only select OK for a few questions and then I'm back to home screen again. Keep in mind, I can use the radio and and Ipod function as normal. It just seems like the headunit is locked in some way. I haven't put a password on it yet so it can't be that and I am running out of any ideas.


Has anyone ever experienced this before and if so can you tell me how to fix this? Thanks.

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wow, I just realized the parking break has to be on to be able to modify settings. Easier fix than I thought (but also a pain since my kenmore didn't do that). Thanks to anyone who tried to help.

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