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Anyone know how to convert f20-BT from US maps to Europe maps?

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I have an Avic Z110-BT upgraded to ver 2.000. I followed all mods to ver 2.004 but system still shows ver 2.000. I am trying to get Europe maps on the system so that I may use it while stationed in Germany.


I tried to update using the EU steps, then load CNSD-210FM EU for the maps and the SD1 card does nothing when inserted. Any ideas?

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You should be able to go from a US Z110 or Z120 to the latest EU upgrade, assuming you haven't already installed the US CNSD-210FM.


To verify your application version:

  • Press the “HOME” key
  • Select the “Settings” tab
  • Select “System Settings”
  • Select “Service Information”
  • Press & hold left upper corner of the “Service Information” screen for a few seconds

It should be 2.004.


If nothing happens when you insert CNSD-210FM SD1, what files and folders are in the SD root directory?

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I do have the US CNSD-210FM installed already, is that a problem? How can I force it to re-load with the EU info?

Then the App Version must be 3.00x. I believe both US and EU upgrades use the same version number. The installation software will only upgrade a lower version.

I think you might be able to force load it by hacking the version number using TestMode. However, that is beyond my skill level. It might also be possible to replace the US maps with the EU ones. I believe something like that was done for AU maps, with mixed results (POI didn't work).


If it were me, I'd sell my HU (an upgraded Z120 has extra value), and buy an un-upgraded Z110 or Z120 off ebay. Much easier and less risky. Then you should be able to install the EU CNSD-210FM.


If you want to try hacking your existing unit, take a look at the Condi Hack thread. http://avic411.com/i...dated-13062011/

But you better know what you are doing or you could brtick your HU.

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