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Use laptop computer as an external monitor

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Is this possible?


In the future I'll install a ceiling external monitor. Though in the meantime I wanted to know if it'll be possible to have video comeing from the head unit to a laptop. I'm guessing USB TV turner might work. Though would there be lag in the video?


If this is not possible I could play movies from my laptop, which has an HDMI output, and have the video also shown on the head unit? What module would accept an HDMI input and has a component output?

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Well I guess I'll answer my own questions :)


I found a module that'll convert digial video and sound from the laptop via HDMI and convert the signals to analog for the HU. At first I used a small inverter to power this module but was only getting video with no audio. I then realized that it needed more power so I pulled the inverter from my other car that was stronger and then audio and video passed through.


So basically the HU is acting as a 2nd monitor for the laptop. This allows front passanger to watch the movie that's being played on the laptop in the rear. This also allows the audio the be played through the cars speakers. When I have kids I'll install external monitors but in the meantime this should work well for the occasional roadtrips with the gang.






Testing it out...


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