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Update Avic-F310BT to F320BT

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For us AVIC-F310BT owners, are we any closer to updating our Head Unit so it behaves like the F320BT?


I'm not asking about how to do the map update, there's still much in progress with that (well done for keep trying guy's). I'm just asking maybe like other owners of the F310BT or U310BT, is it possible to update from ver 1.0003 to ver 2.000101, so it looks and behaves like the F320BT.


If so can someone be so kind and point us in the right direction regards to needed files and a readme on how to do this update.


I know that there has just been an official release of CNSD-239FM specific for the 310BT model, as the CNSD-130FM is now outdated a wee bit, I just thought that there may have been some progress on the update. Keep up the good work!


Any other users of the 310BT Europe or rest of world, let's hear you.





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