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Avic x940bt

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i wonder if the nav teq map will really be much of a difference also wonder if nav teq will have speed limites posted

i really love my 930 but i just don't understand how my mom and dad's 4inch garmine can give the speed limites and trafic camera info that only cost 99.00 dollars

and our 900 dollar units don't its amazing


i also wonder if the new map updates that probably won't be out for the 930s untill the end of the year witch kind of sucks from wha ti think i have read is that pioneer does not reasleas map updates untill like October for that same year if you want it erly then you need to buy a new unit this kind of sucks

but i wonder if they will be the nav teq of if they will just use the same data base that we have now

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