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  1. Pioneer Announces new X950BH and X850BT

    looks like in the 950 units they are getting rid of the volume manual turn knob i don't like the idea looks like they are going back to the 920 set up on the hard buttons perhaps
  2. Iphone 5 Cable?

    so i guess this past post number 111 answered my question of has Pioneer come out with any solution for the Iphone 5 to work with the united and i guess the answer is still no but did i read ones that the lightning adapter from apple will allow us to use a Iphone 5 with our units it just won't allow video mode correct ?
  3. Iphone 5 Cable?

    im confused ipod out no longer supported ?
  4. 2012 Maps

    I have 2 questions a friend asked me if i wanted to split the cost of the updradge with him so we could spend 60 each but i told him i don't think we could both use the same one so i figured i would ask in here can the upgrade only be used once ? once its used is it erased or does it only allow you to use it on one unit does it somehow encode the SD card with the Serial number of your model ? on the card so it can't be used on other units of the same model ? or can it be used on multiple units ? also is there an actualy part number or serial number for the upgrade i wanted to see if i could try and find it on Amazon perhaps
  5. 2012 Maps

    also it looks like thats TOM TOM so is that what they are using instead of the navteq ? im confused i thought they switched to Nav tech but they use tom tom ? whats up with that
  6. 2012 Maps

    the upgrade in my OEM navi from Cadillac was 219 i think 120 is good but i have not been to there site to check it out does that include firmware updates or is it just map and map only
  7. see what bugs me is i can go into all the different multiple rout options and it will never let me choose a route that i know exists i just don't understand that and all
  8. i have not seen any on this perticular issue but i don't read every thread that comes in just don't get it and wondering if this same issue persists with the newer 940 navteq maps are people having the same problems ?
  9. Ok so something that i have been bugging about over the last month when i am in Danville VA and need to go to Durham NC i know darn well there is a 1 hour and 10 minute rout cause i take it all the time and its all main streets that i take but it makes me go on the highway all the time even when i select a rout that avoids freeways or go form short to fast or what ever rout conditions i want it never gives me a round that is less then 30 minuutes longers also when i want to go from where i live in Boca Raton FL up to a town called loxahatchee FL near west palm beach it always wants to take me up further out of the way and then bring me back down almost a 1 hour and 50 minute drive when i know darn well i can get off the turnpike about 6 miles erlier and take 2 main roads and be there in 55 minutes to an hour and 10 minutes it never lets me pick the rout i want to take i know the rouds are in the map systme because it reconizes when im on the roads and once i get about 6 miiles away from the desitation it stops trying to get me to turn around and take the longer rout any idea what the heck is going on with this ? is this normal if so im going to think about dumping pioneer or hoping it is fixed when the new update comes out x930bt
  10. x940 Nav issue

    if you didn't have the issue with your 930 and now you are having it with the 940 don't discount the facct that it could be bad map data because 940 uses new map info where the 930 is a different database map info if you can understand what im saying its possible the 940 maps just don't have what you need
  11. scan option for FM and AM radio on the 940 does it exsist

    dang wonder what the engerners and programmers where thinking when they didn't right in a codeing for a scan function lol
  12. So im wondering does the new 940 offer a Scan option on the AM FM radio not seek but scan where you just hold a button down for a moment or push a option and reales and it will scan threw chanels till you find one you like the 930 doesn't offfer this and it sucks have to manualy change this the chanelle by seek if you want to witch makes it extremly dificult when driving to find a am or fm chanelle at times first HU i ever had that didn't offer a scan funciton so wondering if the 940 has this or still no
  13. Is there a 940bt bypass

    even if you break the white tab off aslong as you don't damage the plug to much it will be fine mine snapped off i pulled up to hard on it but i was able to push it back in to the plug harness and it works fine i know when i or if i upgrade to the 940 and don't wait for the update to come out or if this time next year when they pull out wit a 950 or waht ever model might be next i hope the harness will be the same so i don't have to mess with the bypass or anyting
  14. cool thanks i just updated to the new 5.1.1 iOS
  15. Does anyone have the new update of the iOS for there Iphone ? if so hows it doing with the X930 are there any issues or bugs being found yet ?