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original euro f900bt myflash disk

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Hello mate, thank you for uploading your 'MFD' file. My unit has been modded a while back, and has been freezing and corrupted. So trying to undo stuff or update again from 3 was looking to be a nightmare. It took nearly two days to download at 30k on rapidshare but has now replaced mine and is working much better already.


What Id like to ask you if you remember is what mods you have/had when you uploaded? Do you recommend any further mods / tweaks. And I can't believe someone would actually put up with the beeps and pops every button press ;)

But otherwise its a great improvement already.

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Sorry for more questions, but this is now working realy well, thanks again :)

i was going to attempt the 'beeps' mod but ended up just deleting the four sound files. Works great and sounds a lot better :)


One thing I'm not sure of, is it booting to primo by default or is it igo still? Apart from the extra icons it looks the same as igo.

I'm also unable to select alternate voices, just the standard english lady, yet I know there are more in the MFD.

I don't see any options to switch. Please advise, thanks

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