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Mixing N1 and N2

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Hi everyone. I know that I can mix the N1 N2 N3 head units and brain boxes. Question I have is what does what? In other words, N1 head unit and N1 brain box - what, if anything, would I gain by pairing up the N2 or N3 head unit to the brainbox? Conversely, what do I lose if I have an N2 or N3 head unit and mate it to an N1 brainbox.... all permutations too... so if I install a N2 brainbox/head unit but then remove the N2 head unit and replace it with a N3 head unit but keep the N2 brainbox what do I gain over the N2 combo and what don't I get versus a full N3 combo? Reason I ask is I'm preparing to install an N2 setup into her vehicle but see both the brainboxes and head units available all the time separately on ebay so I'd like to know if I find one or the other N3 would it be worth getting one or the other alone...



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