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AVIC F500 Pinout

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Hi there,


I recently picked up an F500BT on ebay quite cheap as the previous owner had put the wrong firmware update on it, all sorted now.


Thing is, the unit came with the G500 amp, but the two cables that connect the F500 to the G500 are missing, I have been in touch with a few companies here in the UK but am hitting a brick wall with them.


So, before I take the unit apart and work out whats what, does anyone have the pinout of dock connector on the rear of the G500, I was thinking of opening the cradle and hardwiring a cable inside it and running it to the amplifier.


Also, does anyone have a close up picture of the cable that comes with the G500 that has the power etc on it?


If not I will post my results on here, and any help would be greatly appriciated


Many Thanks



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