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Sound drops and ATT appears

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Installed a 940 yesterday and after running for a about fifteen minutes, the sound will drop and ATT is displayed in place of the time. l pulled the radio and replaced the Axxess GMOS-04 adapter with a new one I had ordered, and it still does the same thing. I have double checked to make sure no wires are being pinched and/or shorted and all wires appear to be ok and not pinched.


Is this a radio problem?


(Note: This radio replaces a Z1 that had no problem playing. It was replaced due to the CD player not working and the door kept jamming.)

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Talked with Pioneer, they first had me disconnect the mute wire to the Axxess connector to make sure it was not an Onstar fault. Still does the same thing. Pioneer says most likely it is the headunit and I need to return to Amazon for a refund. So it goes back.


(Also had a problem with the WRI-P remote controller for the remote control unit on the steering wheel. But that was found to be the WRI-P so it might also be going back.

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