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Avic F9110BT EUROPE Backup Files - HELP!

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Hi guys,


newbie guy here, sorry for this but you have to start somewhere right?


I have been reading a lot of the forums here the last couple of days, I think I've learned a lot of stuff and got some insight in Windows CE, but still haven't been able to resolve my problem.


I guess I only need the "My flash disk" backup files from a f910 or f9110 European unit, being mine the latest.


I had just bought the damn thing and have installed it successfully in my car, then I came across this: http://www.pioneer.eu/eur/support/software/AVIC-F9110BT/page.html#download_7, and this: http://www.pioneer.eu/files/support/avic_apl_upgrade/AVIC-F710910/AVIC-F910BT_710BT_CNSD200FM_UPDATE_INSTRUCTION_PEE_Ver4001000.pdf, that led me to wanting to update my firmware.

It all seemed very simply and so I went for it, as Pioneer says nothing about Backups, WinCE or testmodes, I just followed the instructions.


So then came the red screen... bla bla bla, bla bla bla, you guys know...


So tried to follow some fixes here, but without reading enough fell in the stupidity of deleting files from "My flash disk", a lot of them, without backup, so...


now I'm stucked, and the only files I find are for American units, which make my unit keep rebooting every 2 minutes or so, and having always that "system starting up" message or something of the sort, even though radio and cd works.


From what I've understood so far, I will need the Europe version backup files from either f910 or f9110 units in order to be able to solve this problem.


Tried to follow member tail24's format SDMLC/MBR procedure, but guess I will always need these backup files to make it work.


I will appreciate a lot if someone could send me their backup files.


Besides my appreciation I can only promise no second time for such a nieve mistake :) , also will read a lot before attempting any other procedure!


You guys are masters and I need your help oh sensei's ;)



Thanks a mil...

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