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avic n2 without r197, see pix within.

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I bought this through a guy on ebay. Was told that he could watch dvd movie while driving. He said all he did was ground the green wire and its all good to go. Thats telling me its been bypass. Heres the weird part, look at the pictures below. I peel the black tape and there's nothing in there. No jumper or trace of any kind. A clean board. I have not install this yet, so can't test it out. My concern, what would happen if I upgrade the map to the newest map? Would that render the bypass useless? Since there are no r197 jumpers, I can't tell how it was bypassed. What does the pictures tell you?



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It appear as though I have a refurbished unit. N2 shell with an N1 board inside. Before updating to the cndv-110mt all I have to do to bypass is ground the green wire to the chassis. Since I was missing the oe map disc, I ourchased the 110mt disc set. After updating I lost the bypass. Unable to watch movie while in motion. Get the Caution mssg for not having the ebrake hook up. Sound but no picture from movie while in motion.

So, now im debating whether to send it out to do the hardware bypass or just buy a separate monitor andput it on the dash for the passenger to watch movue while I use the nav.

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