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  1. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    Oops wrong forum. But, no BT issue on my x920bt with same update.
  2. 2015 avic Z120 map update

    Thank you for the files. Updated my x920bt just fine. Work great.
  3. 2015 avic Z120 map update

    Yeah, I was afraid of trying anything. No clue what is going on. Will wait for supereasy version. Hope he get some free time to work on it.
  4. 2015 avic Z120 map update

    So were u successful in updating to the newest map?
  5. 2015 avic Z120 map update

    Oh OK. Hopefully someone can do that. Thanks for sharing.
  6. 2015 avic Z120 map update

    Can I use this on my x920bt? Just upload like normal?
  7. X940bt 2015 MAP UPDATE

    How much did u pay for the map for your x920bt? I have the same unit.
  8. Yes. Your vehicle Wiring adapter harness. But, seriously? Was this question meant to be a joke? Or are we just trolling?
  9. 15mph problem with bypass

    No it doesnt. U can buy a separate pin and inserted one spot left of the mute wire, then ground that new pin and the green wire to chassis. This way u don't have to try to de-pin the mute wire, which is a PITA to remove. On my x920bt I just depin the mute wire, took a razor and cut into the pin holder, then remove the wire.
  10. New to the forum, need advice

    Have u look here? http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/35230-2012-uscan-maps-cnsd-310fmuc-upgrade-updated-to-supereasymethod-beta/ I used that to update my x920bt work perfect.
  11. Thanks for this. Work perfect. X920BT here. Love it. Also did the bypass by moving the mute wire one to the left. Works wonder.
  12. avic n2 without r197, see pix within.

    UPDATE: It appear as though I have a refurbished unit. N2 shell with an N1 board inside. Before updating to the cndv-110mt all I have to do to bypass is ground the green wire to the chassis. Since I was missing the oe map disc, I ourchased the 110mt disc set. After updating I lost the bypass. Unable to watch movie while in motion. Get the Caution mssg for not having the ebrake hook up. Sound but no picture from movie while in motion. So, now im debating whether to send it out to do the hardware bypass or just buy a separate monitor andput it on the dash for the passenger to watch movue while I use the nav.
  13. Would it be best to make a back up before updating? Im learning bout the testmode thing from research, so far not positive on how to achieve that on my x920bt. Some say use the condihack method. One say, hold Home butoon, press revrs, frwd, rvers, frwd, revers, frwd. That will take to ur testmode screen. But im a lil hesitant because I dont want to brick the head unit. Suggestion?