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  1. Anything from install I can reuse?
  2. X940BT 2013 Map yet???

    My guess is they were waiting for the 5s and 5c, as well as iOS7. They got completely blindsided by the new connector of the 5, probably didnt want to release an update, and then have it nullified a couple of months later. Hopefully that means something is right around the corner (dare to dream with iRadio support?)
  3. Could this be a sign of imminent cable releases?
  4. X940BT with the CD-IU51 cable

    Did you make sure AV1 is set to iPod?
  5. The photo above is of an iPhone 5. You can tell be the additional row of icons.
  6. 3 week old x940 BT performs flawlessly when connected to the above listed phone. When connected to my iPhone 5 (via lightning to 30pin adapter) it chronically wants to change its source to iPod. So far I've reset the x940 several times, and rebooted the phone many times as well. Since the other devices work fine, I'm left to assume its either the phone or the dock connector. What should I try next? Worth noting I suppose, I've not changed my "iPhone image" in 4 years or so. Whenever I've gotten a new device I've always restored from a previous backup. Could that be in anyway responsible? Thoughts? Suggestions?
  7. Cheap Cable Problem?

    So I finally got my lightning adapter and things are working well except that periodically when play Pandora, it will spontaneously launch the iPod controls (though the Pandora sound keeps going). I cheaped out on the official cable and got a $10 cord on eBay. Any chance this could be the source of issues?
  8. X940BT - Social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

    You can get Facebook through the Aha app, don't know about the others.
  9. Now that the dock adapters are out there, and a modicum of order has been restored, I have a couple of x940 questions. 1) How do you guys handle Podcasts? That's what I listen to the most, and on the AppRadio they were easy to get to with their own category, but that doesn't appear to be the case on the 940, any tips? 2) Is there a way to get itunes to NOT always start with whatever song is alphabetically first in my collection? For that matter, is there a way to get "shuffle" always on? Whenever I plug in it has defaulted back to off. Thanks!
  10. Compatibility email from Pioneer...

    I just received this in my email: To our Valued Customers: As the leader in smartphone connectivity across a wide range of our products, Pioneer continues to fully embrace new smartphone platforms and product introductions, as well as the connected lifestyle. Since the release of Apple’s new iPhone 5 and iOS 6 operating system, we have been testing the compatibility of relevant Apple products with Pioneer automotive, home and DJ products that are designed to support certain iPod, iPhone and iPad devices. We are committed to providing you with up-to-date information, and are developing reference guides that identify compatibility with the features and functions of our products. We recently completed compatibility testing with our current line of car electronics in-dash audio video receivers. This comprehensive guide is now available on our website, at www.pioneerelectronics.com/ipod. Compatibility guides for our Home Audio/Video products and DJ products will be available soon. We recommend that you check our website and Facebook page periodically for additional updates and new information. Maybe I'm being a pessimist, but this sounds like a company with no intention of doing anything about existing products (other than telling us what will and won't work)
  11. XM has Stern and the NFL. Only notable difference is Sirius offers home and away broadcasts while XM is just home team feed.
  12. I've got one on preorder but have already bailed on the AppRadio. Had an X940BT installed last week and am thrilled that I did. It reminded me of everything I miss from my old D3, and has the added bonus of also being able to do the Apps so once this whole thing is sorted out, the apps I've purchased wont be useless.
  13. x920->x940 apps not working

    If you're using an iPhone, it won't work. Apps via Bluetooth supported on Android and Blackberry only.
  14. X940. Pandora/Aha via Bluetooth?

    Ah, nevermind, Blackberry and Android support only.
  15. X940. Pandora/Aha via Bluetooth?

    Just had a 940 put in to replace an AppRadio. I see in the settings an option to change "app mode" to Bluetooth instead of the default "wired". When I do this, and make sure my iPhone is connected, the buttons for Aha and Pandora are no longer greyed out. Though when I try to launch them, it says "Bluetooth is disconnected". Everything plays fine over the Bluetooth audio option. What am I missing?