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  1. Iphone 5 Cable?

    If you are referencing the Lightning cable, I recommend the one with the cable. The one with the cable will work with any case as well. The other one without the cable is bulkier and just doesn't fell right connected to the phone. BTW, I have both.
  2. Compatibility email from Pioneer...

    As you can see from the link already provided the 30pin to Lightning adapter addresses most of the issues with the iphone 5, except video. If you are using the pioneer USB/3mm to 30 pin cable, I recommend you purchase this cable: http://store.apple.com/us/product/MD824ZM/A/lightning-to-30-pin-adapter-02-m?fnode=45 This version will work with any case and connects nicely to the pioneer cable.
  3. Iphone 5 Cable?

    Radio to USB/3mm Pioneer cable (30 pin) to lightning adapter to iPhone. Works fine.
  4. Iphone 5 Cable?

    IPhone 5 with official Apple Lightning adapter works great with my Avic 930BT! IPod interface and charging all work as expected. UPDATED: Pandora works great as well.
  5. Iphone 5 Cable?

    Mine adapter has already shipped and should be delivered tomorrow (Thursday). I have my fingers crossed the adapter will work. My other adapter (with the cable) has shipped - should be no different excepted it has a 0.2m cable between adapters and would be ideal for the car. I should be able to test out the adapter tomorrow afternoon - unless someone beats me to it!
  6. Iphone 5 Cable?

    What about this.... 1. Connect the iphone 5 to the USB port on the X940? (this would give you control and album art) 2. Then using an audio cable between the headphone jack on the iphone and the x940? (this would give you audio????) Just a thought.....
  7. x920bt firmware and map upgrade to CNSD-210FM for free?

    Has anyone completed this on a 930BT? If so, is it the same as the $120 updated you can purchase? I am looking for the Android updates that goes along with the $120 upgrade.
  8. AVIC-X920BT Losing XM Radio Presets

    Sounds like a possible short for the constant power (yellow) that feed those units. Meter out the constant power with the ignition turned off and see if you can find the problem or pattern to the issue. Anything change recently with the car or electrical?
  9. Pandora issues -- frustrated

    What cable are you using? Make sure it is a Pioneer branded cable. Aftermarket cables are known to cause issues, as do extension cables. As for Pandora, it will work via bluetooth, but you don't get the integrated interface you get when connecting your phone via the cable (ex. 51v cable) and you have to control Pandora via the controls on the phone.
  10. How long before X930BT drains the car battery?

    I already stated this in my previous post. 4.5 hrs * 60 mins = +/- 270 mins.
  11. How long before X930BT drains the car battery?

    Most standard car batteries can supply about 45 amps/hour. If you radio is drawing about 10A, you should be able to use your radio for 4.5 hours. There are a lot of factors but the fact is you won't drain your battery in 5 to 7 minutes! Doesn't matter if you work with amps or watts.....it is all the same. V x A = W Standard battery = ~45A per hour or ~540W per hour Radio = <=10A or <=120W 12V system with a draw of 10A....all comes down to ~4.5hours, regardless of if you work off of Amps or Watts.
  12. How long before X930BT drains the car battery?

    Agreed!!! The factory radios usually support add-ons (ex. satellite radio tuners, media hubs, etc.) that all pull power from the main wiring harnesses that feed the factory radio. During my install (930BT + Sirius + backup camera) I had the radio running on battery well beyond 7 minutes without any issue. What about the factory NAV units???? I guarantee that the NAV units pull similar amps as a AVIC. Why did the dealer tell you that in the first place?? It is your car and your radio!!
  13. GEX-P920XM or CD-SB10 for Z130BT

    I have tried both the GEX-P920XM and the CD-SB10/SCC1 with my AVIC-X930BT and here are my observations: 1. XM interface is more attractive and supports a multi-line display 2. Logos are nice with the XM unit but become outdated with channel updates and requires firmware or hacks to keep them updated. 3. Reception on Sirius is MUCH better in my area. No repeaters in my area. 4. Sirius display is single line, but does scroll (XM does not) 5. XM presets, when set, update with the channel name, Sirius does not. 6. Switching channels is slightly faster on the Sirius interface. 7. Footprint size between the units is very similar but the antenna connectors are different - depending on the antenna you have an adapter can be used. For me the better reception of the Sirius unit was the reason I kept the Sirius unit and returned the XM unit. The multi-line display is nice but wasn't something I used much. When I wanted more info about a song, a press or 2 on the screen gets me the same info as the XM unit. The presets that don't update with channel name when set is missed though. Logos don't do anything for me. Regardless of your choice, satellite is so much better than conventional radio!!
  14. Hands Free calling does it work good ?

    I have an AVIX-X930BT and the hands free works great. Good sound quality and no echos The sound quality of any system will depend on the location of the mic, if you have the winds open, or your vehicle is loud when driving. Highway speeds with your window open, you won't get good results with any hands free system.
  15. GEX-P920XM or CD-SB10 for Z130BT

    In addition to the CD-SB10 you need the actual Sirius tuner (SCC1). The CD-SB10 is simply an interface converter between you radio and the universal Sirius tuner. Check the forums here and you will see that the XM tuner has a much better interface. Presets that change name based on the channel, multi-line display and logos. With my X930BT the Sirius has only one line display, no logos and no preset labels. However, for me, the reception on the Sirius tuner was MUCH better. I currently have both tuner but will pick one and return the other this coming week. At this point I think I will go with the Sirius tuner for the reception and quicker channel switching. Your mileage may vary.