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  1. Reviews? Suitable upgrade?

    I'm looking to upgrade my Avic Z130BT to CarPlay compatible headunit. I'm confused by the number of NEX units. There seem to be three different nex units with 7 inch screens. As far as I can tell, only the 8201 comes with its own set of maps and nav. Is there any point to this? Isn't the point of CarPlay/Android Auto just to use the phone navigation? So, here are my questions. The biggest frustration I have right now with my Z130 is the poor BlueTooth connectivity. How well does BlueTooth work on the NEX devices? Does the Android Auto / CarPlay functions work well? Or is it just an exercise in frustration? I don't mind buying the high-end unit, but I do want to to make sure it works well. Is the 8201 recommended? Lastly, any other manufacturers I should be looking at? Thank you, Andy
  2. Positive Reviews?

    I am thinking of upgrading my AVIC Z130 to a NEX8100. I'm particularly excited about the Google integration as I'm a big Android fan. My complaints with the AVIC are: Buggy Bluetooth to my Nexus Phones. Infrequent Map updates Voice Control is very poor No Email/SMS integration Kludgy Interface I'm particular excited over the Android Auto implementation in the 8100NEX, which would let me run my favorite Google apps. But I haven't seen any good reviews about how this works. All the techie blogs reviewed pre-release units, and I haven't seen many post-release reviews. So.... How well are these working? Any Regrets or Recommendations?
  3. Update Maps on Z140BH?

    It's almost 2014. How long do we wait before we bail?
  4. Droid Razr and z140bh bluetooth issues

    I have a Droid Razr with ICS, the phone will pair bluetooth, but the phone displays "No Media" in the bluetooth settings. I can stream over Bluetooth, but can not use the builtin Pandora or Aha app.
  5. Android & AppRadio

    Setting connection mode to bluetooth does enable Pandora and Aha Radio - but it does not enable AppRadio. I can't find any way to run something like WAZE. The only options under android are Pandora and AhaRadio.
  6. Android & AppRadio

    I'm confused over AppRadio on the Z140. I've installed the latest upgrade to my Z130BT - ie, it's now a Z140BH. Does this mean I can run appradio on my Motorola Droid Razr? I can download the app on this phone, and connect over bluetooth - but appradio does not connect. Do I need a wired connection like HDMI for Appradio? Does Appradio work at all with Android devices on the Z140? Thanks
  7. upgrade to z140?

    I'd like to upgrade my z130 to a 140 - I'm looking for improved maps and better android interfacing. I don't see any upgrades listed on the pioneer website. Am I missing something? Thanks! _AM
  8. Which apps would you like to see added?

    Android support. _Am
  9. "Drive Safely" Message on my Z130BT

    Check the ECO settings. There is a rapid start warning, it might be that. _Am
  10. Page 166 in the manual. System Settings / Back Camera Settings / Camera / Polarity Set to Battery or GND as appropriate. _Am
  11. There's also a setting burried in there where you indicate the Backup signal is +12V or neutral. That setting may be set wrong. _Am
  12. Z130BT FM HD Radio issues

    So I've learned a bit since this last past. Many (all?) Toyota and Lexus radios have two things you need to keep in mind. 1. There's an amplifier on the antenna already. This amplifier needs power, and there's a lead in the antenna harness that needs to be connected. This goes to the "remote control" blue/white lead coming off the head unit. This will add 12V, which will power the amplifier, which will improve your reception. 2. Toyota and Lexus radios come with 'diversity antennas'. This means the car actually has two separate antennas, and the stock radio is smart enough to use the second antenna to cancel out interference from the first one. On the Toyota antenna harness there are TWO antenna cables. One has a standard sized antenna connector and one has a smaller version that looks similar. Only the bigger one will fit into the new radio. As most aftermarket head units do not support diversity antennas, it is impossible to use this functionality. The impact of this limitation is that reception in downtown areas is poor, since there's a lot of interference from signals bouncing off all the buildings. This problem is impossible to overcome without replacing the vehicle antenna. I have discovered that you can combine the two antennas using these parts. 1. Scosche Mda-B Micro/Delco Antenna Adapter Tip - converts the smaller antenna jack to a standard size 2. METRA Ltd 40-UV43 Motorola Antenna Y-adapter - combines the two antennas into one. Using these did improve my downtown reception, but it is still not as good as I would expect and there are still long stretches of road where I can not receive reception where I previously could, but - for the price it was worth the improvement. _Am
  13. This is true, and thanks for the correction. In my case, my presets happen to fall in frequency order, so I was confused. _Am
  14. z130 and two phones

    My wife and I both drive the same car, but it seems like we have to manually connect our android phones every time we switch cars. Is this normal? If I drive, I manually connect and it forgets my wifes. If she manually connects, it forgets my phone. Is there a way to have two phones automatically connect?
  15. Dumb question on upgrades

    I can't do either. I will say that the Android interaction in the z130 is pretty good even without the additional features. You get full bluetooth controls with song titles (not with Pandora, but that's Pandoras fault). You also don't get any of the video features, like Netflix - but that's not a priority for me. I learned a long time ago not to wait for new products, "vaporware". Evaluate your options based on what's available now, because there is always something "better" just around the corner. In the past, Pioneer has sold upgrades to their units for around $200, I think. People in these forums have hacked the upgrades so you can sometimes find a free cracked version online, if that's your thing.