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  1. Hi there, I just purchased a brand new w4500NEX and love it. After reading some of these posts and the dreadful internal SD image failing, I'm a little concerned. I don't want an expensive fix in the future so can someone direct me as to make a backup image of my internal SD? I could open up the unit and pull the SD and use my laptop to image it, but if I can using a testmode and use a USB or using the external SD slot that would save me about three hours!!! Step by step instructions anywhere?? I can also load my image so I can help anyone who has a bricked 4500 as well. Kar
  2. RonS you're correct. I upgraded my x940BT with the new ver 7.00 and although I already had the 3.32 bt firmware, it wiped all my devices from the list. I then added my recent phone and its all good. Thanks
  3. I'm considering an update as well. I'm always concerned with the nav maps and how are the units with a updates. I REALLY do not want to shell out $200.00 every couple of years to update the maps. My city is always growing in the suburbs and we have a lot of projects underway with new routes, bus lanes etc all to be completed in the next five years. I haven't been checking out the NEX forum so I don't know if the NEX's are easy to hack to upgrade the maps?
  4. Agreed. Thanks RonS and everyone else that contributes on this forum!
  5. Hi forum users, I have the x940bt and I've been using the Bluetooth and my iphone since I go the unit back in 2013. So the Bluetooth registered list is lengthy and I don't have the phones anymore. Is there a way to de-register the not needed connections? My new iphone has been registered but when I saw the list, i have 5 or six other devices listed that I don't even have anymore? I just want to know if there is a way to remove the unwanted devices from the list. I don't see any delete or remove buttons. Thanks,
  6. Any link available for the new 2017 maps (update) for the x940BT? And I'd like to donate monies for the effort you guys do.
  7. Does this map update work for the x940BT assuming that the sticky is in this section??
  8. I have the latest firmware, 5.1 and 2015 maps. I Decided to install my CD-IV202NAVI kit and as long as the module is powered up, i get a nag screen that says my parking brake sensor is connected wrong blah blah blah... If I disconnect the power to the module, it goes away and works like it always did. It's like the new module can see that I'm bypassing the parking brake sense wire. By the way, I'm using the mute wire to pin 1 of the white harness and grounding both the mute wire and parking wire like I was instructed to. (Net install instructions!). Worked for years. Also, it seems that my iP
  9. So finally it worked!!! It must of been the way it was extracting the zip file. I used 7zip and it worked! Thanks for all the suggestions RonS! And for all the effort, the maps don't have my new area!! Go figure. Hope the next update will!
  10. So.. How many NDATA files are is supposed to be in the UPDATE folder for the x940BT?? I have 106 in the zipped folder...
  11. So I decided to try download the ZIP file again and start from scratch. This is nervewrecking...
  12. So, I tried and was unsuccessful... I still have the incompatible SD error... I'll try to download the zip file again and use another unzip program to see if that's the issue. By the way, has anyone actually try to update this file to 940BT sucessfully? UPDATE: I tried and tried again... This time I got to 2% so once I passed 1% I thought "Yay", then it wouldn't go pass 2% and got the error again... So I then proceeded to use the TESTMODE and delete the \USER\SYSTEM\Download\StartKnd.log. and rebooted my HU. Except... There is no maps! Therefore, I have to get his HU running again.
  13. I also checked out the protocol/standard for microSD. microSD has a max of 2GB, SDHC is 2gb or more.. Then there is SDXC which is 64, 128 etc. The class however is the speed at which the data is transferred. My CLASS10 min write at 10mb/s, I just found a class 4 (4mb/s) and i'll try that. If not, I'll try to unzip with a different software. Thanks
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