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  1. That's why I never got rid of any of this old stuff lol I've got a 14 Jeep SRT and the UConnect 8.4 blows this stuff away - BUT - I have to actually pay for XM now
  2. Upgrade to NEX from X940BT?

    Anyone here upgrade their X940BT (or similar) radio to a newer NEX radio? Any real reason to upgrade? What are the main differences? Are you glad you swapped radios?
  3. Ron, I have extensive experience in hacking GM modules and EEPROM programming so I wasn't concerned with changing the offsets. In theory if something were to go wrong, one could just put the original file back in the radio using testmode. I suggest anyone that attemps ANY mods make a backup of the users folder. It's time consuming, but it's free insurance. I was actually one of the guys that worked on the original AVIC F series and found the ability to hack them, the 900 IIRC. Or maybe the 90. Whichever of the two had the better preouts. I've had the x940 kicking around in a closet for a few years now and just got a second truck. I was going to buy an Alpine x009-GM but with these updated maps and warnings removed the x940 will work just fine. Plus I somehow bought a refurb Pioneer XM tuner that seems to have a lifetime sub, so win-win. It's been going for about 10 years now. Thanks for all the easy guides, you saved countless hours of sorting code and/or searching the forum.
  4. I still patched the same offset locations. Just my first byte on a few strings were off. Just finished doing the nag screen mod and BT updates. Backup cam next.
  5. Just finished updating one of the radios. I can confirm that it works using the Shortfuse method that RonS posted. The only difference was the offsets posted had a couple different bytes that what I had on my radio. Changed them anyway and all worked out well. Shows V7 now. Going to do the camera overlay hack, and update the BT next. Thanks all. I'll be sending that paypal over soon =) EDIT- radios are X940BT's
  6. nezfotnemom you sir are saving me $240. What is your paypal account? I'll send you $20 if this works!
  7. Where are the maps being uploaded to? I have a pair of X940BT's that haven't been upgraded in a number of years now.
  8. Firmware 4.6 Upgrade (can I force it?)

    Bought the unit stated above. Problem solved. What a mess the file system was. Had to manually delete every folder and copy each folder back on. Both the NDATA and User folders. Took forever since I had to copy everything off one deck and back on to this one. Still had issues stated above. Now my FW was showing pre upgrade state. Ran the 4.6 update again. No dice. Condihack 2.21 into wince. Delete and copy all files again. Reboot into supertest mode and copied the PRG0 and PRG1 folders since they were locked in wince due to the hack. Reboot and wham, its good to go now. Will attempt the no nag hack when I get a chance. (I love that hack on my 2 other x940's!) Thanks for the amazing deal Jimbo!
  9. X903bt vs x940bt - Hardware

    Well i'm finally back on the site after a few long years (I was one of the original that discovered service mode and hacked the F series) and after buying a new Yukon, I want a new deck. I've been pretty happy with my F90bt, but the new units look even better. I like the bigger screen and built in features of the Z series, but I would rather have the knob for volume. Now I can get some good pricing on the 930 since the 940 is out, but I don't want to sell myself short. I can wait for new firmware, or copy it from a 940, but if the hardware is significantly different/better then I will just pony up and get the 940. Can anyone confirm? Also on another note, does the new X series have a spectrum analyzer built in? From the short and limited videos on youtube it looks like it might. I REALLY miss that feature from back in the day of the avm-p9000r I had. I mean I already know what station i'm listening to, and I can hear how loud it is, how about displaying something cool on the screen when its sitting idle instead of just displaying station/volume/etc.
  10. iOS 5 and F90BT

    Anyone have any update to this? I was hoping after waiting a few months there would be a fix. Still unable to play video from ipod touch to F90bt
  11. LeetLauncher v3.0!!!

  12. F Series Splash Pics! 800X480

    http://www.fastcoolcars.com/images/2004_gto/gto.jpg http://www.fastcoolcars.com/2004-gto.htm This was just a quick google search. I actually have the small engine, its only a 5.7 litre
  13. F Series Splash Pics! 800X480

    I'd really like to see one with the 04-06 Pontiac GTO emblem. Please
  14. How does Sirius appear on the screen?

    I have XM and it looks almost identical to the Sirius screen shot. Also XM has the memo function, so I'm sure the Sirius has it, and it works great too.