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Anyone made asian font display working on X940BT?

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I just had X940BT installed, and played around it so far.


The video playback is really limited, and the color depth seems to be limited as well. Most video files converted through handbreak will show some color mosaic on the HU, no matter how high bitrate was used.


Anyway, I'm impressed with this HU overall. I've applied startup screen warning message, and got rid of rear camera caution text. Thanks for the experts in this forum, who made those hacks really easy.


The only problem left is how to display some chinese characters embedded in some chinese MP3. I searched through the forum, it seems I need two things:

1) A Font CAB file. Someone was trying to look for the link as it's obsolete and broken, but no answers so far. I can try google to find a equivalent file and give them try.

2) Edit registry. I only know how to get into test mode, but the GUI is really crappy, and I don't know how to make changes to registry under service mode. Do I have to install Condi Hacks? If I installed it, is it easy to revert back to original state?



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