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Output of 700bt to a second screen

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Hi, I have a Pioneer 700bt. I have a couple of a screens that can connect to the rear of the head unit.


They have a 3.5mm av in connections. How do I ouput the Pioneer screen to the headrest screen? I have tried connecting the rca connector which is yello at the rear of the head unit to the AV in of the screen but no luck. I have also changed the settins in the unit to Video? but still no display.


Any advice would be much appreciated

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there is one work around i have found for video output of a 700 series.


to do this, any/all videos must come from an Ipod. where the video RCA
from the ipod cable goes in to the radio, you can split it off to extra
monitors and the avic.


is it  perfect solution, no. does it at least give you some functionality from the equipment you already have, yes


The F700/900/90BT models weren't designed for multi-zone audio or output to a second screen..


sorry, that is incorrect. the F700 did not have a DVD player, therefor it doesnt need a video output(by Pioneers thoughts).  the F900 and F90 did have a DVD player, and did have a video output connector for hooking up extra monitors.


dual zone has nothing to do with it.

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