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U.S. to Australian...?

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  Hello, I'm an Aussie DIY guy, with a broken foot, so at the moment I have loads of time, but not a lot of $$...


  I'm wondering, is it possible to convert overseas models of these receivers to use in different countries, without losing things like Nav or radio??


  Reason I ask is that the cheapest I can find a unit here is $1400 and I can get one from the U.S. landed for under $400.  I'd obviously rather go the U.S. version, but then the maps will obviously be for places I've never been and I'm guessing the radio frequencies would be different over there.


  I've searched this forum for hours now and I can't find the answers, although I get the impression it can be done from some snippets I've read.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  Kindest regards

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