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F500 duplicate??

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Hi, I have a F500 and did all the mode many years ago.  My friend just bought a used F500 which never been upgraded (map 1.00600, firmware 2.00.. something like that)... My question is can I duplicate my F500 into my friend F500 by

1.  Copy everything on the hard drive of my F500 and copy into my friend hard drive's ?? will that upgrade both firmware and map (per my gps)

2.  or do I have to upgrade my friend firmware to 3.xx first, then copy the my entitle hard drive to his??

3.  I have the official update disk from Pioneer (two SD card)  3.xx for my f500... can I use the 1st sd card to upgrade my friend gps's firmware to 3.xx.... or is it only allow to use on 1 gps??

4.  What is the proper way to duplicate my drive to his drive?? 


I used to read the whole forum many years ago, and know how to do all of this, but totally forgot now.... Please let me know what to do.  Thank you

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I'd just upgrade the new navi the correct way to avoid any bad behaviors.


... the correct way being, get the newest files, and follow the 3.0 sticky on the first page.

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