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I've searched on this forum for a couple weeks and most links to downloads aren't active anymore.  Trying to find correct downloads to fix this reboot loop on my unit that started about 3 weeks ago.  


I've had unit about 3 years and it's worked perfectly.  Tried to download update from pioneer site but it didn't fix issue.  I've never dealt with torrents before and i'm not exactly sure on how to go about it or if there are any current downloads around for this complete fix.


 Most topics and replies about this issue were posted years ago.  


If anyone can point me in the right direction with all of the necessary downloads that would be swell.  Or if anyone could recommend an authorized Pioneer dealer in either Las Vegas or Phoenix for me to bring unit to them that would be an option. 

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In addition, it originally would turn on then go to menu screen and would still play music but then would turn off after aprox 3 minutes and begin rebooting again.  Over and over.  Could not access navigation.  I attempted many updates from pioneer site and about 49% of the way finished with the update screen would turn red and read error or update failed, something like that.  


I attempted download from this forum and only got thru the 1st SD card which i believe included test mode and something like wincmeg.  It was from the forum titled something like 3.0 upgrade???  New update from pioneer then loaded successfully.   I got part way thru the next download and could not find the rest because it was from a torrent and i couldn't find it on torrent since i know nothing about torrents etc.  So now i'm only part way thru instructions which i'm not entirely sure it's the correct instructions for the fix i need.


Now screen just stays blue unless i push menu during reboot in which case it goes to menu but can't access NAVIGATION--CONTACTS--SOURCE.  I can click on them which makes the chime noise it's supposed to but nothing opens.  


So i can still get to test mode to launch the windows screen where you make the necessary mods and fixes but i do not know what to download since most links in this forum aren't valid and the torrent part is lost on me.  


I'm confident if i had the correct instructions i could fix this thing, which in turn would make me feel useful to the world once again.  Having a broken stereo makes me feel like my whole truck is broken.  Funny how that works........  


Had to steal my son's mini boom box radio and put in seat next to me just so i'm not driving in silence, just THINKING...... "I wish my unit worked, or maybe i should just sell my entire truck".....  Now it's just fuzzy static FM radio i'm stuck with till stereo is fixed.  Haven't decided which is worse......  


Bad FM radio or silence??  


Geez, i miss my sirius.........


And i think my map version now reads zeros instead of the current version........

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anttid helped me out......(he posted above on this topic)......and now unit works perfectly.  I've tried to PM others with similar issue that posted on this forum, as to where to get fix.  


Anyone else having this issue can PM me and i'd be happy to point you in the right direction or you can PM anttid directly if he doesn't mind......

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Mine just shows the splash screen for about 30 seconds then flashes then goes back to splash sceen. It was working just fine on a short 15 mile trip home and as I pulled in the driveway it just started the reboot loop. I tried diconecting the batteries and also tried the reset button but niether worked any ideas?

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hl a tod@s tengo un preblema con un avic900bt  1. mi unidad acaba de colgar en el pionero splash pantalla y no importa qué botón i empujé no pasó nada 2. o sería una muestra de la DESTINO, contactos y botones fuente AV, pero el mensaje "El sistema está arrancando, por favor espere" no desaparecería y si se pulsa el botón de menú sería sólo me para acceder al ajuste, no tengo una copia de seguridad y nunca se actualice el navegador, ya e leido mens al respecto y el problema es k los enlaces de descarga estan caidos y ademas necesito una copia de seguridad original y no actualizada.. gracias de antemano y ahora ya son 2 mis problemas... escribo este post y lo edita con palabras k yo no escribo... ufffffff

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