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F700BT Iphone4 connecting via BT but can't hear phone call through speakers

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Guys, I've had a F700BT for years with my Iphone4 and have connected aok for that time.


Over the last 3-4 month, I can connect my iphone 4 via bluetooth, but for some reason, I can't hear the phone call through speakers.  When I check my iphone4, even though the iphone is connected to the pioneer unit (blue light is on pioneer unit), my iphone always defaults to the iphone as being the unit to speak and hear through.  When I switch my iphone to the pioneer unit manually, i cannot hear the person on the phone through my car speakers the way i used to.


Really puzzled.  This unit has been gold for the longest time.


Please help!

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@skanji: Why did you report this thread?

oops sorry - didn't mean to!! :)


I just tried my wife's iphone and it has the same problem. 


- The connection with bluetooth is fine between the avic unit and either of our phones.

- when dialing from the car, we can hear the ring tone ringing

- as soon as I pick it up on my phone or on the avic unit, the iphone goes back to the iphone where the person is saying "hello" on the iphone itse;f, not the avic unit



If it matters, my bluetooth unit has the software "HW100-SW290" - do i have to upgrade?


Alternatively, can i reset the avic unit?  I don't even remember what I "hacked" on it other than the opening screen.

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