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  1. Folks, 3-4 years ago, I changed my startup screen on my F500. Now, I'd like to throw a new image on it. Can someone advise how to do it? Thanks, -sk
  2. Can anyone post the link to the files directly...this is scummy and not the way that the avic forums have worked in the past...
  3. oops sorry - didn't mean to!! I just tried my wife's iphone and it has the same problem. - The connection with bluetooth is fine between the avic unit and either of our phones. - when dialing from the car, we can hear the ring tone ringing - as soon as I pick it up on my phone or on the avic unit, the iphone goes back to the iphone where the person is saying "hello" on the iphone itse;f, not the avic unit If it matters, my bluetooth unit has the software "HW100-SW290" - do i have to upgrade? Alternatively, can i reset the avic unit? I don't even remember what I "hacked"
  4. A bump on this. I did remove the connection and re-activate the connection through the Avic unit (ie. pairing from start), but it didn't help. Thoughts anyone?
  5. Guys, I've had a F700BT for years with my Iphone4 and have connected aok for that time. Over the last 3-4 month, I can connect my iphone 4 via bluetooth, but for some reason, I can't hear the phone call through speakers. When I check my iphone4, even though the iphone is connected to the pioneer unit (blue light is on pioneer unit), my iphone always defaults to the iphone as being the unit to speak and hear through. When I switch my iphone to the pioneer unit manually, i cannot hear the person on the phone through my car speakers the way i used to. Really puzzled. This unit has been
  6. My Avic 700 is stuck on :stop: when Itry and play music on my iphone4. Any idea on why this is happening? Bluetooth has been tried on and off and it works the same. It did work last week, but for some reason doesn't work this week...any ideas why?
  7. Folks, Live in Canada. Did a roadie to the US where my friend who was riding in shotgun somehow changed the maps to the US based maps on my AVIC. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to change the maps back to Canada. Not a big deal generally, except for when I look for POI. Yesterday was looking for a KFC near me and the closest one it found was in NY!!! Sorry to bug everyone on this, but I spent about 10 minutes in the car yesterday trying to figure it out and another 20 minutes scowering the fourms. Thanks!!
  8. A little while ago, I upgraded to the new firmware for my F700 primarily to get my steering wheel to control my presets. I use my SD card and my IPOD on my steering wheel just fine. I found out that it didn't work and took it into a local Future Shop here in Ottawa, Canada to find out why it wasn't working (in addition to my reverse camera not working anymore.) After the installation, I am told that I have the 'choice', either: a) go with the radio presets on the steering wheel go with the sd card/ipod presets on the steering wheel Is this the case , or did the installer not kn
  9. I could have sworn that I saw the icon of MSN Direct on my F700 shortly after I upgraded to 3.0, but can't find it anymore... After searching, I've read I can't access MSN Direct on my F700 - is this true? Did I see a ghost? If not, how do I access MSN Direct. I could have sworn it was on the bottom of some screen, just can't remember where. I have searched for this here, but can't find out *how* to access MSN Direct. Cheers!
  10. I'm not sure of the 'box' to connect to the steering wheel...I got this AVIC unit when I bought my car pre-installed. I do have a 2008 Santa Fe with an F700 unit that was installed at Future Shop. I assume I just go back there and tell them it's not working? The previous owner did buy the extended warranty.
  11. Ok folks - installed 3.0 and verified through the Avic AVIC-F700BT unit. Thanks Terron! However, the main reason for upgrading to 3.0 was for me to get my steering wheel to control the presets. Unfortunately it still doesn't seem to work. Any idea why? Do I need to set it up somewhere through the unit? The start-up time seems to take the same as before. Additionally, I don't really see any other visible difference between the 2.x version I had before and the 3.0 unit i have now. Finally, I did have to reset the colours as well as all my settings, although I did do a back-
  12. IDT, never used any of your hacks as I've been chicken to try, but really do appreciate all the work you've done for the AVIC community. Pioneer owes you a nice chunk of change for keeping the interest in this product. Cheers and best wishes for everything to get sorted the way it should. If anyone deserves it, it's you.
  13. Guys - I have downloaded the x910bt.zip file which opens as IDT_v3.5. Are these instructions posted in this post the instructions I need to do the install? Thanks in advance!
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