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  1. Hey! Seeds. I found that all my available DNS servers (as well as public) are returning for tracker.thepiratebay.org. NICE. I found a cache from google and their last IP was So I set my hosts file to resolve this and while it didn't connect, as soon as I did that, it found seeds. Looks like many ISP's have blocked the DNS for them to keep the torrents from functioning. Pulling good speed now, thank you all!
  2. Hmmm, well I have the torrent in uTorrent and have about a dozen other torrents working, and I'm connectable. The tracker doesn't respond, so I'm listening for DHT if anyone seeds as it's still at 0 peers and 0 seeds right now. If anyone can seed it would be appreciated!
  3. Is there anyone who has a working torrent with this still functioning? Or alternatively, is someone able to upload the upgrade file to my FTP so I can create a new torrent and keep it seeded for those who have problems with their upgrade and need a clean copy of the 3.0 files? Please PM if you can help and I can provide FTP info. Thanks!
  4. I'm stuck too. Unless you were here to grab and run, no one is seeding this anymore. I have a high speed FTP, is there anyone who could upload it to me so I can create a new torrent and seed it again? If you can, please PM me! Thanks!!!!
  5. I'm not sure how the testmode does it's thing, but it may have done more than just erase something and make it not boot again. It should still boot to testmode again. Most devices like this should always look for a bootloader on the SD and go from there. The only way would be if you had an SD card with the right data to tell the unit to boot and copy to the onboard flash from scratch including reformatting it. But if that loader is horked, I think youre stuck. Not sure if this would work, but since Pioneer sells SD cards specifically for upgrading with the 2.0 files on it, but you shou
  6. I second that, I did it wrong myself the first time thinking IP in is what I wanted on the HD receiver...nope. Blue plug on the cable goes to the headunit, black to IP out on the HD receiver. If you get no sound it's backwards
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