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Just installed my new Z140

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Hey everyone! Just want to commend everyone's participation on this site. I got a new receiver yesterday, the AVIC-Z140BH, and had been worried about upgrading from my stock radio. I heard horror stories about upgrading in a late-model Dodge, especially the Challengers and the Nitro's... I think. Anyways, thanks to all the amazing and informative posts, I was able to install everything without a hitch. Wasn't easy, I'll say that, but I was also being a bit meticulous and extremely careful. Afterall, this Challenger's my baby. If anyone has any questions about this install, or problems I may have run into, don't hesitate to email me. Cheers!




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some good read. Check it out before you upgrade to the Pioneer v4.6...It might save you some frustration.




Same thing happened to me... No Worries. This will help.


Ok, I figured this out. For any of you that had or has the similar problem with their AVIC-Z140BH. This is how i fixed it. If your using the iPhone 5 OS 7.0.3 or newer. DO NOT INSTALL the V4.6 reconmended by Pioneer. It looks the same and there are no big noticable bells and whistles. BIG COMMUNICATION ERROR between the iPhone and AVIC.


If you have already installed it, no big deal. Here's how to fix it.


8) Lift your hood and pull the negative battery clamp off your battery.

8) Count to 60.

8) Put the clamp back on.

8) Follow the step on how you originally synced your iPhone.


Note: Make sure you are mechanically inclined enough to remove your battery clamp, If not, please ask someone to do this for you. Use the proper tools. Keep in mind, once you remove the battery clamp this will clear any/all other devices associated with your electrical system. This will restore your AVIC to it's original settings. TrcDjProductions are not responsible for any damages/loss/errors for said/s device/s here within. Mainly, do it at your own risk. It worked just fine for me.


I hope this has helped you out.

Enjoy your music!



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