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Pioneer Avic-X920bt - How to do a hard reset?

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I have a Pioneer AVIC-X920bt and I´m getting problems while I try navigate in GPS... It does not connect to satellite

If I enter in System to verify the sinal I get: GPS antenna problem detected. Contact dealer or service Center.

If I enter in 3D calibration I get: sensor initializing...

I had read some posts and they said to do a hard reset and maybe the problem would resolve.

But, how to do it?

I removed the baterry cables for 15 minuts and it appears that did not reseted, because the colors of the device did not change.

So, how to reset the device? How to be sure the device was reseted?




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Did the problem just start or have you had it the whole time? If it just started, what has changed with the head unit? Did you just put the unit in and if so is it a new unit and everything came out of the box? If it just started and nothing has changed, the sensor antenna may have failed?

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