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Pioneer AVIC N3 birds chirping sound effect out of front speakers

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I tried searching  and found nothing of substance...

I just installed an N-3 in a 1998 Expediition  So I could have GPS and great audio...

The unit is made up of bits & pieces but all of it works...

The "brain " was off E bay..same with the head...

The head needed a new ribbon & screen ( backlight was out ) 

Everything worked as it should ( on the bench ).


In the car..

#1 Problem, the car thought is was traveling 90 degrees out from actual.

So on the display, it showed I was drifting...  A reset & learn fixed that..


#2 Problem, I have a E brake line connected to ground ( and the screen bitches about that ) ...


#3 Problem, But this one has be confused...As I'm listening to my I pod ( via AV input ) 

The first time this happened , the car was  is in motion...

The audio mutes.. and I hear tweeting birds for about 4-5 seconds..

( no I'm not off my meds and  it's not an oscilation.. it's a sound effect ) 


And from a startup of the unit.. if I hit the NAV menu.. it will do it....







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According to Pioneer.... Via the HOME page, you can attach a " factory " sound to your home location. Mine had "Chirping Birds "... I selected "no sound" and still got the BOIDS.... so now I selected church chimes.. and see if that sticks....

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