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2007 Toyota Highlander install - wire locations needed!

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I know this is an old thread but just want to confirm that the VSS wire is in fact the yellow wire, pin 17, second plug down. Just installed an AVIC-X940-BT in a 2005 Toyota Highlander 3.3L, and on this particular unit as similar series models the VSS connection aids in eco fuel efficiencies, and accuracy of GPS.

To gain access it’s best to remove the glovebox for proper splicing. To remove push two bushings inward at the sides and pull forward, then unscrew softclose wire behind the glovebox on the right, lastly remove two black plastic pushpins along the hinge using needle nose pliers. Glovebox comes completely out to expose the ECM. 

Oh yeah, if you haven’t it’s a good time to change the carbon filter that sits behind the glovebox. ; ^ )

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