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Looking for recommendations on sound system

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Hey all. I am looking for some recommendations on a sound system. My current setup in my 2013 Mazda 3 Hatch, is a soon to be installed Pioneer AVIC-8000NEX with a stock Bose system. Includes a 6.5" sub and amplifier. I am looking to replace the entire system with aftermarket gear. I was hoping to get some suggestions on some higher quality gear. I don't have a price range right now but I'd like to keep it manageable. 


Front speakers 6x8, Tweeters 1, Rear Speakers (1) 6x8, Rear speakers (2) 3.5, Subwoofer 6.5


This is what MetraOnline says I have for components. I'm hoping to have two 10" subwoofers. I want to lean more towards sound quality but still would like some boom in there. I haven't looked much into brands other than JL right now. My old car had Kicker subs. I didn't have any problems with them but would like to steer towards something a little higher quality.


Any help, tips and suggestions will truly be appreciated.


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Am using Micro Precision 3 series and they are quite good.Not as fantastic as the Z-studio but price wise,its quite "value" for money. 

Rear wise, some cheaper components would suffice... Pioneers components are pretty good as well. 

Run a 4 channel amp to power the front speakers/Rear with a mono-block to run the subs. If you are thinking of running 2 10". 

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