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  1. How long is the usb cable included with the NEX units?

    I wired my usb into my center arm rest. The lightening cable is more than long enough to hang outside of it so I can pick it up and use it.
  2. Using HDD for usb2

    I'm constantly connected to LTE. It also caches as much music as you have room for. So technically I have around 3000 songs on my phone. They just delete if the phone needs room.
  3. Using HDD for usb2

    I love all the options we have to add storage for this thing. I myself however just use itunes match ($30 a year) and my iphone. All 20,000+ songs right there whenever I need them without taking up space on my phone.
  4. Which Pioneer AV unit do you have and why?

    The 8000 because if I'm going to spend a pile of money I might as well get the best.
  5. NEX 8000 and daytime screen quality

    Its been really sunny here and I tend to leave my sun roof open. The glare has at times been pretty bad. I have to hold my hand up to block the sun to see what it says. I'll look into getting an anti glare protector.
  6. Hey all, I'm going to be taking a video of some of the features tomorrow. It will be on my iphone 5s as that is all I have. If there is anything specific you would like to see let me know. I will try and get it in.
  7. 8000 Install

    Great idea with the phone dock. If I had somewhere to do that in my Mazda I would have done something similar as well.
  8. AVICSync app

    Depends on the price of the sub. If its like $10 a year or something, I'd do it just to say I have it.
  9. live traffic and weather settings nex8000

    Looks like im SOL on this. They have Toronto for canada. You figure they would at least have Calgary or Vancouver out west. Oh well.
  10. 8000Nex GPS Wifi

    This makes more sense now. I knew of the app, just didn't click in what it did. Cheers.
  11. 8000Nex GPS Wifi

    Hey everyone I finally (month later) got all my parts in and installed my 8000nex. I was playing in the menus and noticed a section for weather and other features that when pressed said connect to a suitable wifi connection. How exactly do I go about doing this? I could put my iphone into a hotspot and connect to that if need be. I will post some pictures and maybe a video of the unit when I get a chance. They will be iphone quality but it will still give people an idea if they are looking for a video.
  12. AVIC-8000NEX Wiring Harness Question

    Hopefully it does work out for you. The wiring harness for my car was $300.
  13. Hey all. I am looking for some recommendations on a sound system. My current setup in my 2013 Mazda 3 Hatch, is a soon to be installed Pioneer AVIC-8000NEX with a stock Bose system. Includes a 6.5" sub and amplifier. I am looking to replace the entire system with aftermarket gear. I was hoping to get some suggestions on some higher quality gear. I don't have a price range right now but I'd like to keep it manageable. Front speakers 6x8, Tweeters 1, Rear Speakers (1) 6x8, Rear speakers (2) 3.5, Subwoofer 6.5 This is what MetraOnline says I have for components. I'm hoping to have two 10" subwoofers. I want to lean more towards sound quality but still would like some boom in there. I haven't looked much into brands other than JL right now. My old car had Kicker subs. I didn't have any problems with them but would like to steer towards something a little higher quality. Any help, tips and suggestions will truly be appreciated.
  14. Pioneer Complaints... Etc

    Yeah I don't need an ipad strapped to the front of my car. 7" is perfect IMO.
  15. 8000Nex Dual USB Question

    I'm interested in this as well. I often have a friend that unplugs my iphone to charge theirs...