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  1. SPAM

    Really strange spam Can someone fix this?
  2. Any reason to update if you only use the 4000 with an iTouch?
  3. Is there any reason to apply the update if you not using an iphone? but use an iTouch.
  4. wtb avic-8000 or avh 4000

    I've seen the u260 for $300 shipped
  5. Can any one confirm that the 8000 uses different maps from the U260 hooked to the 4000?
  6. Its easy to knock some thing or blame it on one thing and its another thats the problem
  7. Apple lossless

  8. Apple lossless

    SO what's the program for cds to Flac?
  9. Apple lossless

    I dont want to bother hooking up my ipod if I dont have too. THats the great thing about the sd card slot no wires no fuss
  10. Apple lossless

    I'm using a 32g sd card not a ipod
  11. Mic clip

  12. 4000NEX HD Radio not working

    Sounds like a bad unit
  13. NEX: which one and why?

    Why doesn't the 4000 meet your requirements?
  14. 8000NEX and subwoofer

    Plug direct into rca's with a MP3 player and adaptor see if amp works. Sounds like a setting issue.