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  1. pioneer cxc8857 tuner box

    please who has one one these laying around
  2. pioneer cxc8857 tuner box

  3. pioneer cxc8857 tuner box

  4. pioneer cxc8857 tuner box

    i want to buy cxc8857 asap
  5. pioneer avh-4000nex

    hi guys i seen this 4000nex for sale. i want to pick it up ,but the down side to unit its locked out . he claim it came in the car he brought and the previous owner put code . my question is 1 is there a way to remove code ? 2 has anyone done it successfully? 3 how much is this radio worth locked ?
  6. Looking for the cheapest place to buy a 8000NEX

    do you know the dealer cost on avh-4000nex?
  7. Looking for the cheapest place to buy a 8000NEX

    have you seen any lately for 500.00
  8. convert video for AVH-X8500bt help!!!!

    get a divx converter
  9. wtb avic-8000 or avh 4000

    do you want to sell your 8000 I got cash
  10. wtb avic-8000 or avh 4000

    looking for topic asap perfer the 8000 but the 4000 do just find
  11. avh-p8400bh with 5s/4s

    what cable would i need for samsung s4 to run app mode
  12. Just got a AVH-X8500BHS

    which ipod cable are you using?
  13. you will have to pay for pioneer to fix and update unit