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  1. Has anyone not hooked up the vss wire and still have full functionality of radio. I have the micro bypass connected for video motion,but when I drive 5 mph and up it says video prohibited.i want to know if I disconnected vss would micro work ?
  2. please who has one one these laying around
  3. hi guys i seen this 4000nex for sale. i want to pick it up ,but the down side to unit its locked out . he claim it came in the car he brought and the previous owner put code . my question is 1 is there a way to remove code ? 2 has anyone done it successfully? 3 how much is this radio worth locked ?
  4. do you want to sell your 8000 I got cash
  5. looking for topic asap perfer the 8000 but the 4000 do just find
  6. what cable would i need for samsung s4 to run app mode
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